Education is critical to the success of any photographysolid waste reduction and recycling goals. The Morgan County Solid Waste Manangement District (MCSWMD) is committed to educating Morgan County children and adults about methods and benefits of reducing waste and promoting wise environmental stewardship. By partnering with the Morgan County Soil & Water Conservation District, we are expanding our public outreach and education programs to create informed and responsible citizens.

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Educational Programs/Presentations

Classroom Teachers! Home-Schoolers! Organizations! Sign up for our classroom programseducational programs! These programs are a great way to address topics within your curriculum as well as enrich & extend it! And of course---Indiana State Standards!

Our programs are also great for organizations wanting informative presentations!

Recycling - Taking Action Towards A Better Future
This PowerPoint program is available from our Director for business and service organizations.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - An Introduction to Trash & Recycling for Home & School: 3rd Grade
Learn how to rethink daily actions to reduce landfill waste. 40 min.
Watershed Program: 3rd Grade
Interactive watershed landscape model shows soil erosion and water pollution. Students participate in hands-on activities and discussion about conservation practices. Teacher provides large table for model and water source. 60 min.
AVAILABLE DURING FALL: Worms Eat My Garbage: Grades 1st - 5th
Examine a working compost bin, learn about the benefits of composting, worm biology, and worm facts. Lesson plan ends with students setting up a worm bin in your classroom. 50 min.
AVAILABLE DURING FALL: Water Cycle: 4th Grade
Through discussion and activities, students learn about the hydrological cycle and the importance of water conservation. The program culminates in a water cycle activity where students become a water drop attempting to maneuver through a water cycle without becoming polluted. Water cycle posters are available for students to color. 60 min.
AVAILABLE NOVEMBER & DECEMBER: Santa Goes Green: 1st Grade
How to have an eco-friendly Christmas. Santa is dreaming of a Green Christmas! By changing his ways, he shows boys and girls around the world that they can have a festive holiday filled with decorations, presents and treats - all while giving back to the Earth. 45 of page

Additional Resources

Morgan County Soil & Water Conservation
Visit the Morgan County Soil & Water Conservation District's education page for more educational programming!
Download this Booklet
Recycling Booklet of Games, Info, & Crafts! (PDF file)
Municipal Solid Waste in the U.S. 2012 Infographic
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