Welcome to Solid Waste Management

Bringing education and recycling opportunities to Morgan County!

Morgan County Recycling Locations!

We encourage you to make use of these local recycling sites. (Do not place recyclable materials in plastic bags into bins! Flatten boxes)

Items Accepted

Paper Bins: newspapers, magazines, & office paper

Co-mingled Bins: Aluminum & steel cans; Glass: clear, green and brown food/beverage containers; Plastics # 1 thru # 7 (except Styrofoam and plastic bags), plastic cups.

Please help conserve tax dollars! EMPTY all bags, FLATTEN all boxes, NO trash, and NO dumping on the ground around bins. Thank you!

Items NOT Accepted:

Rubbish/trash, plastic bags, styrofoam cups, light bulbs, drinking glasses, window panes, mirrors, ceramics, styrofoam materials, motor oil containers or antifreeze containers.

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